Reasons For the Nine in Ten, Daily Mail


Gluestick Mum

The Daily Mail is in uproar. To be honest, it’s the Daily Mail – it’s in perpetual uproar. But the reason for today’s chest-beating, get-the-smelling-salts-Doris is because only one mother in ten is a stay-at-home-parent.

Obviously, as the Daily Mail sees it, this means that the world must be in terminal decline because mothers must never ever EVER have worked before. Apart from during the World Wars…or during Victorian times when the kids would work as well…or in the days of the Feudal system when men women and children would toil the land for greedy overlords…or at any point and space in time so long as there have been families. Apart from maybe the ‘golden age’ of Middle-class 1950s Western society, which, apart from the gorgeous dresses weren’t really all that golden. Or for the very very wealthy/entitled at any time ever…but then the kids would be raised by nanny/boarding…

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