Books That Are Being Turned Into Movies That I’m Excited About

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Or “I Wish I Could Think of a Better Title”

If there are two things Evie and I are passionate about over here in The Hobbs Collective, it’s literature and film. Which is why when a movie gets made out of a book we get stupidly excited. Yeah, sometimes they can be a bit pants (Percy Jackson, we’re looking at you) but a lot of the time we adore them. After all, it’s a crossover of our favourite things. Over the past couple of years, or so, adaptations from books have become increasingly popular to produce into movies and there are tonnes being made. I’m super excited about some of them, as is Evie. These are some of the ones I’m most excited about.

Paper Towns – by John Green


I first read this book when I was eighteen years old, before John Green blew up into a storm with The Fault in Our Stars movie. The book cover had caught my attention at the local Waterstone’s multiple times, but every time I read the blurb it didn’t sound like anything I’d pick. One day, however, it caught my eye for the nth time and I decided to go on a whim and I bought it with some of my birthday money. I’m very glad I did. I absolutely loved the book, and have read it multiple times since.

When Evie told me it was going to be a movie I was almost giddy with excitement. And now, as the cinema release looms closer and closer I’m practically holding my breath in anticipation. There were scenes in the book that I could visualize with almost scary levels of detail and I’m really hoping that the film does these scenes justice. I’ve already seen the trailer on IMDb and it looks like it will live up to expectations. It certainly seems like it will have the same sort of feel as the book, which I’m glad about, and it looks like it will be a fabulous movie.

My only real niggle with this adaptation is the cast. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cast, Natt Wolf is the perfect Quentin, as proved with his performance in Stuck in Love. I’m just not sure about Cara Delavigne as the infamous Margo Roth Spiegelman. The book led me to believe that Margo was a girl of average height, with dark hair and curves, so why John Green cast supermodel Cara as her is beyond me, and even though I’m trying to trust this choice it’s just not sitting well in my head. I can get past her looks, it’s just that in the trailer, as she says those famous lines about the paper people in paper towns Cara doesn’t deliver it with the right sort of conviction, and that bugs me. I think Lily Collins would have been a better choice, as she was great on her own, and with Natt Wolf in Stuck in Love.

I’m sure when I watch the movie I can get past the casting choice, as long as my judgement can be proven wrong. I’m still excited for it to come out in August (in the UK), I’m on absolute tenterhooks.

Why We Broke Up – by Daniel Handler


I found this book one day when I was wasting time before a drama class one Sunday. I went into the book store, and found this book sticking out from the shelf. It looked interesting, and so I sat down in the corner of my shop to test out the first page. I ended up reading 50 pages or so before I realized that I should probably just get it. I adore this book, I love the narrative style and the story. I showed it to Evie after I had read it and she loved it too.

With the book I found it amazing that Handler created this entire world, he made up these movies that Min had seen and all the places she had visited from scratch, so I’m excited to see how they go about visualizing this made up world. I’ve been keeping my eye on production for a while though, so I may have a long time to wait until I see. Daniel Handler, however, is writing the script for the movie so I have faith that it’s going to remain true to the books as much as possible, and I hope it comes out with a Perks of Being a Wallflower kind of quality. I hope it’s a creative film, because it’s a creative story narrated by a creative character, but, as long as it remains true to the book then I’ll be happy.

Again, the cast is my only little niggle. It is rumoured that Hailee Steinfield is set to play Min and I’m not sure how I feel about that as I have only really liked her in True Grit and Begin Again, then again, maybe I’m just jealous because I always thought that if I had the chance to play any character I’d like to play Min (y’know, if I was an actress) but there’s really not much known about it right now so I’m not going to get bogged down in a rumour. The movie hasn’t even been made yet, so I’m waiting for the trailer, and then the film, to really make up my mind.

Beautiful Ruins – by Jess Walter


This adaptation is one that I’ve only just heard about maybe a week or two ago. I found out about it in the middle of the night and was very tempted to wake my boyfriend up to babble on about it to him. I read the book last summer while I was in Spain and I find it to be absolutely exquisite, the book was wonderfully done. I remember that, as I was reading it, I’d catch myself thinking “this needs to be a movie”, it would be especially fitting as Pasquale, the leading man, is meant to be big into films.

Like Why We Broke Up, really not much is known about it. I know Imogen Poots is meant to be among the cast, but I don’t see her playing Dee Moray the glamorous movie star in the book, but perhaps the assistant in other parts of the book, so we’ll see how things turn out eventually.

It’s going to be really ambitious movie to make as it’s split into two different time zones and countries, 1960’s Italy and 2010’s America, and it’s split into many different perspectives and characters so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they deal with all the cross over and changes. My main hope is that they simply keep the feel of the movie as beautiful as the book. The director for this movie is apparently really into jazz and I wonder if that will have an influence, I’m sure he’ll be able to make the movie really special and unique and not just another adaptation for money.

This is probably the adaptation that I’m most excited about, as I think the book is marvellous and I have such high hopes. However, it’s still in pre-production so I may be waiting a while for it to come out, which is fine by me, I’d rather they took their time and made something wonderful than rushing it and making it sloppy, the book really doesn’t deserve to be adapted badly.

These are just three of many adaptations that I’m excited to be made into movies, there are tonnes more, but for these are books that are beloved to me and I’m sure will become beloved films, much like Perks of Being a Wallflower was to both Evie and myself. Some of them may be teen reads, but a good story will never stop being a good story. Please tell me about any adaptations you’re excited about, or if there’s any you’ve loved or found disappointing, or if there any books you think should be turned into a movie. I’d love to open up a discussion about this, so feel free to leave a comment. Maybe you’ll even lead me to reading some more great books.